Wait list in effect for all grades!

When openings occur, we will offer admission to the next name on the list.

Enrollment Information

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Open Enrollment

Enrollment will be open to all applicants. Lotteries take place throughout the enrollment period. When we reach capacity a wait list will be in effect.

Lottery Process & Procedures

If during the open enrollment period, more students apply for admission (in any grade) than can be admitted, a lottery will be held. During a public meeting, an accepted lottery process will be used to select students. The random drawing will begin with eighth grade, proceeding down through kindergarten. Each student is assigned a number identifying the order in which he/she is drawn. Following the lottery, founding enrollment is addressed and classes are filled to capacity using the sequence obtained from the lottery drawing. Applicants will be notified of the lottery results within two weeks. Students will have five business days to accept the opening.

When a student is admitted to the school through the lottery process, all siblings of that student are admitted immediately, IF space is available. If space is not available for a particular grade, that sibling will be placed on the waiting list.

Waiting List

Students not selected will remain on a waiting list, preserving the order as determined by the lottery, giving preference to siblings of attending students. Students placed on the waiting list will be given the opportunity to attend the school if openings become available during the school year.