Meet our Adminstration Team


Laura Banda, Executive Director

Laura is the proud mother of Aggie Alumni. She has twenty years experience as an educational leader. She has served as both a state and district educational trainer and mentor. Laura has ten years experience as a classroom teacher. She also has served ten years as a principal at an award winning TK-6th grade elementary school. She has been recognized three times for Honorary Service Achievements. Laura holds a Masters of Science in Instructional Leadership, Curriculum and Instruction. She also has a Masters of Education, Educational Leadership and Management. Laura is a Certified Business Officer in School Business Management. She comes to Cache Valley from California.

Laura has served on our Governing Board and is extremely familiar with CCID mission and goals. She wrote policies and procedures for CCID, prior to becoming our Executive Director. Laura has extensive principalship experience, including helping to establish a new elementary school. Laura's expertise and dedication to CCID's success has built a culture of collaboration, mentoring, and teamwork.

Mrs. Banda would also like our families to have her contact information should you have any questions or concerns. She can be reached at 435-258-7097 or


Bill Graham, Executive Director

I always told myself that I never wanted to become an administrator. I have happily worked as a classroom teacher for over a decade, but from day one at CCID, I knew that I wanted to be more deeply involved with this school. I have experienced firsthand how transformative our teaching model is for our students. We teach to the whole child and we treat our students as more than data points; I have personally watched students who started the school year disengaged and unmotivated transform into enthusiastic, active learners. This positive experience pushed me in the direction of becoming an administrator. I want to ensure the success of CCID for the sake of the innovative, inspirational teachers and students who would risk stagnating or not being challenged in a traditional educational context. I truly believe that CCID is at the forefront of creating the ideal instructional model for the 21st century classroom. The world around us is changing rapidly, and we need to ensure that our students gain the educational and social skills necessary to become successful, informed, and caring adults.

My personal interests and hobbies are a mix of science, ecology, painting, gardening, and music. I earned a B.S. in Horticulture and a M.Ed. in Elementary Education, both from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am currently finishing my Educational Leadership Endorsement from Utah State University. I am a naturally curious individual who likes to tinker with things and figure out how they work. I think we all start out this way: with a drive to determine how the world around us functions. Many students lose this initial spirit of inquiry as they progress up the educational ladder, especially when classroom focus is directed towards rote memorization of individual subject information. My aim as an educator--and as an administrator--is to instill in my students and teachers an unwavering and lifelong curiosity about the world, from the biological to the cultural, and to build from memorization to a genuine acquisition of knowledge. I truly believe that every child can be successful, and that my job is to figure out the individual needs of each of my students. I want CCID to be a place where every student feels that their voice is heard and their interests are important.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at 435-258-7097 or