Policies and Procedures

Administration of Medication Policy

Background Check and Offense Reporting Policy

Behavior and Discipline Policy

Breastfeeding Policy

Bullying, Cyber Bullying, Hazing and Retaliation Policy

Capital Expenditures

CCID School Plan

Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Policy

Chrome Book Policies and Procedures

Civility Policy

CNP Procurement Policy

Code of Conduct – Appropriate Behavior

College and Career Readiness School Counseling Policy

Communication, Advertising, Sponsorship and Material
Distribution Policy Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Continuity of Education Plan

Copyright Policy

Data Governance Plan

Discipline and Behavior Policy

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Educator Exit and Engagement Policy

Electronic Meeting Policy and Procedure

Employee Donation of Paid Time Off Policy

Employee Harassment Policy

Employee Records Confidentiality Philosophy

Employee Computer Use Policy

Enrollment Policy

English Language Learner Policy

Facilities Usage Policy (Specific)

Federal Equal Opportunity Laws

Fee Schedule and Waiver Policy

Finance Policy

Financial Management and Procurement Policy

Fundraising Policy

Governing Board Public Comment Policy

Grievance Policy

Grievance Form

Guidelines for Keeping an Ill Student Home

Head Injury Policy

Health and Human Sexuality Education Policy

Hiring Practice and Policy

Honor Code

Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) Policy

LEA-Specific Competency-Based Licenses Policy

Learning Resources Reconsideration Policy

Learning Resource Selection Policy

Medical Recommendations by School Personnel Policy

Nondiscrimination Statement

Patriotic Observances

Parent-Guardian Rights Policy

Parental Notification Policy

Policy for Policies

Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment Policy

Records Management Policy

Responsible Electronic Device Usage

School Attendance and Truancy Intervention Policy

School Land Trust Policy

School Wellness Policy

Service Animal Policy

Special Education Policy

Statement of Religious Freedom Policy

Student Data Collection Notice

Student Retention and Acceleration Policy

Student Membership Policy and Procedures

Substitute Teacher Policy

Third Party Contractor MOU for Student Data Privacy and Security

Test Administration Policy

Title 1 Parent and Family Engagement Policy

Travel Policy

TSSA Framework Policy

Unpaid Meal Balance

Volunteer Policy & Agreement

Volunteer Driver Form

Wellness, Nutrition and Physical Activity Policy


General Safety Protocols Checklist

Lost and Found Procedures

Elementary Student Responsible Use Agreement

Professional Culture at CCID

Student Dress Code

Student Parent Guardian Signature Agreement

Student-Parent Reunification Plan